LP Review; MisterWives: “SUPERBLOOM”

The Album:

Now, it has been a minute since MisterWives has put out a full-length release into the music scene: since 2017 to be exact. So, when there was word a new record was in the works, the hype started to rumble. Then, MisterWives challenged the hype by saying “hey, I know it’s been some time, so be prepared for 19 new tracks”. With that big of a game on the table, everyone was eager to hear what the band had in store. Now, let’s dig in to see if this album lives up to its hype. As one listens to the record, it is apparent that MisterWives is driving on the intense mixture of populous instrumentation and strategic silence. This mix is balanced through the contrast of different brass hits, melodic to instrumental unity, and over-the-top, extremely catchy and witty lyrical lines. Although this seems to be a lot of musical information to process, the band works it all together to create a 19-tracked album that is breathtaking from front to back. From the jump, the band’s characteristic sound is evident and found throughout the make. They start each selection with either a striking instrumental riff, a relatable tag lyric, or a groove that will get you moving immediately. Having these moments of variety allows for the band to create this jam-packed masterpiece without it feeling overdone or drawn out. In general, this album is hard to pinpoint as a whole, for MisterWives pulls from a spectrum of musical nuances that are new and old for the band. Thus, when one goes to listen to it, from the downbeat, they know they’re in for a treat because that first beat says “buckle up, buttercup, MisterWives is back”. While being back, in general, spikes the intriguing nature of the beauty of this record, I would challenge to say that the fact that each selection makes you want to scream is the main ticket for the band. Overall, I am giving this album a 5 out of 5 stars because it is extremely difficult to put out a record double the length of a traditional LP, and then, create a musical journey that is varied, interesting, innovative, and cohesive. The world was not prepared for this record, but man, did we receive it at the right time. Absolutely, phenomenal.


Top Tracks:

“SUPERBLOOM”, “over the rainbow”, and “love me true”

When listening to a record that is a jam-packed as this one, it is more than difficult to pick the top selections, but it had to be done. These tracks stick out amongst the group, for they toy with the different approaches and nuances of the MisterWives sound. Yes, these songs include top-notch lyrical moments, over-the-top instrumentals, and the grooves that can’t help but make you dance, but that’s not even the best part. No! The best part of these musical moments resides in the meshing of all those key factors to create musical experiences that just draw people in, and make them never want to leave. Although this record is a long one, I would listen to the whole thing, but if you just want an initial taste: start here!


 The Artwork:

 When first glancing at the album artwork, it can be said that the record embodies the aura and aesthetic of MisterWives and the sub-genre in which they write their music. The artwork shines with a gloss of purples, pinks, and blues, while picturing a barren desert. In the center of the image, lies a large piece of glass, which has the appearance of a mirror; however, the image on the glass makes the object appear to be transparent (we love a poetic moment). With its innovative edge, I believe listeners would be intrigued by the image enough to give the music on the inside a spin, so let’s dive in and see if the music matches the work. When diving into the album, there are two main connections that one could make. The first resides in the lyrical matter found throughout the make. The artist often talks about people leaving or people drifting apart. This notion connects to the idea of the transparent mirror, for as they talk about this subject throughout the record, it can be heard that in some situations feelings are masked (the mirror), and other times, feelings are completely true (transparency). Also, the providing a blank desert gears the viewers minds to something that screams isolation than a stranded desert. The other tie lies within the spirit of the record. MisterWives gears their music to drive on a groove while being bouncy and light- in shorter terms: boppin’. This approach to music through the specific instrumentation bending and twisting talked about in the main review, creates tracks that make people feel cheery and warm, which this color scheme drives home. I would say that both work beautifully on their own, but together? Together, is where they’re meant to be.

*”SUPERBLOOM” was released on July 24th, 2020 through Fueled by Ramen LLC.

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