Quickie Reviews Round 1

Three Days Grace: “Outsider” Three Days Grace, throughout this release, gives their audience a standard rock album. That being said, it isn’t surprising that the band provides strong instrumental parts that complement the vocal line throughout each work; however, throughout the album, it can be heard that the band includes moments where the instrumentalists can […]

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My Top 10 Underrated Bands

Trophy Eyes Trophy eyes are a rock band from Newcastle, Australia. I hesitated to put these guys on the list because I feel like they are really growing in the scene; however, their music is absolutely fantastic, so they needed some recognition. Their music blurs the lines of the pop punk genre and the rock […]

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Bop Battle; A Day To Remember: “What Separates Me From You” vs “Common Courtesy”

“What Separates Me From You”:  “What Separates Me From You” was A Day To Remember’s 2010 release through Victory Records. When this album was released, the music scene exploded. It had only been a year since A Day To Remember put out one of their most well-received albums, “Homesick”, so their audience was expecting big […]

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LP Review; Hot Mulligan: “Pilot”

“Deluxe Capacitor” starts with a few hits in the percussion section through a cymbal timbre. This sets the pulse of the work directly before the full instrumental ensemble joins in to provide the audience with a simple melodic figure to vibe with. Throughout this interlude, the instrumentalists set a motive that takes step-wise motion and […]

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