Quickie Reviews Round Two

The Wonder Years: “Sister Cities”  The Wonder Years had built up a huge fan base after their two previous full-length releases, so audiences everywhere had high hopes for this album, and the band did anything but disappoint. Throughout the album, the band takes their listeners back to their original sound with dashes of innovation imbedded […]

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Quickie Reviews Round 1

Three Days Grace: “Outsider” Three Days Grace, throughout this release, gives their audience a standard rock album. That being said, it isn’t surprising that the band provides strong instrumental parts that complement the vocal line throughout each work; however, throughout the album, it can be heard that the band includes moments where the instrumentalists can […]

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My Top 10 Underrated Bands

Trophy Eyes Trophy eyes are a rock band from Newcastle, Australia. I hesitated to put these guys on the list because I feel like they are really growing in the scene; however, their music is absolutely fantastic, so they needed some recognition. Their music blurs the lines of the pop punk genre and the rock […]

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