EP Review; RHYS DAVIS: “Chasing Light”

“Somebody” starts with an instrumental interlude that starts with an electronic twinkle motive that is soon joined in by the remainder of the instrumental section. The sound of this song resonates closely with older alternative music that would be used in very common movies. The artist establishes a steady pulse that helps to emphasize the groove of the piece. As the song progresses, it is seen that the artist utilizes more instrumental ornateness, which will help to keep the audience entertained; thus, making this a strong first song for the EP.

“The Light” starts with another guitar motive, which has become a staple for this artist. The vocals that enter in the beginning are upbeat and light, and they are accompanied by a musical back-track that amplifies that same style. This song is memorable from the first phrase, lyrically and melodically speaking; thus, this will likely be a foreseen favorite of the album because it is memorable, and it sounds like it would be played on the radio. Towards the end of the selection, the instrumental content morphs into a half-time feel that is different than anything previously presented om the album; hence, the artist is showing the audience more of what he is capable of, musically speaking.

“Something Like September” starts with another guitar motive that has a swung rhythmic nature to it. The vocals enter in quickly after the feel of the song is created, and they complement the instrumental section well. The genre of this song falls in between an alternative meets modern country meets the pop genre; moreover, though it is a weird sounding mixture of influences, the blend of styles morph together to form something quite pleasing to the ear. The lyrics aren’t overly innovative, but the melodic content sounds fresh and new. In the middle of the song, the vocalist heightens his range and volume to help emphasize certain parts of the song, which gives the audience dynamic variety.

“Take Me Home” starts with an upbeat guitar motive that drives the groove of the work. Soon after that, a small percussive idea joins in paired with the crisp vocals. The melodic content of the vocals sound as if they belong on the radio, but one can tell that the singer’s voice has an ornate nature to it, which will help keep the listeners engaged. The general melody of the song is quite memorable to the audience, and it will likely stick in the minds of the audience.; thus, this is a strong final song for the EP because it conveys the artist’s characteristic sound and is memorable.

Final Thoughts: Overall, I would give this EP a generous 4 out of 5 stars. This EP perfectly shows the audience the style of music that this up-coming artist is conveying, and the content that amplifies that style is solid. The music that comprises this EP is very similar song to song; thus, some variety would’ve been nice. However, the score will remain higher because the musical content is quite good, especially for an up-coming artist. So, if you’re looking for a new artist that will take you back to the vibe of your older alternative jams, this is the artist for you!

*”Chasing Light” was released on August 25, 2017.

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