My Top 10 Underrated Bands

  1. Trophy Eyes

Trophy eyes are a rock band from Newcastle, Australia. I hesitated to put these guys on the list because I feel like they are really growing in the scene; however, their music is absolutely fantastic, so they needed some recognition. Their music blurs the lines of the pop punk genre and the rock genre. This creates a groove that is unclockable while giving the audience lyrics that they can scream at the top of their lungs. Additionally, when I think of this band, I just anticipate almost crying because most of their works will hit you directly in the heart if you pay close attention.

Top Tracks: Nose Bleed, Suicide Pact, Heaven Sent

For Fans of: Real Friends, Knuckle Puck, Seaway

  1. Chapel

Chapel is an alternative rock band from Athens, Georgia. Honestly, this band is absolutely fantastic, and the only reason they fell on the lower half of the list is because they only have one EP released at this point. Their music is catchy, and it takes their audience on a wave that mixes alternative music with a new wave style approach. This gives the audience something completely different for the scene, and it gives them the opportunity to make each track very different while keeping them connected. With that being said, it is notable that all of the tracks on the album sound quite different from one another; however, when you listen to any of them, you know they are all done by the same artist, which is overly impressive. Lastly, through their music, you can hear the blending of musical genres, which isn’t easy to pull off, but this band does it phenomenally.

Top Tracks: Fool’s Gold, Cindy White, Miss Monogamy

For Fans of: Waterparks, Broadside, As It Is

8.  Tiny Moving Parts

Tiny Moving Parts is an over the top pop punk band from Benson, Minnesota. Before I jump into their music, it is notable that Tiny Moving Parts is one of the best live bands in the scene, and with their growing popularity, eventually they’ll be unstoppable. On top of this, the band’s music pulls from the general nuances of pop punk music that is standard for almost every artist in the genre. Additionally, the band likes to use a mixture of silence and ornate musical phrases to give their audience crazy instrumentals that mesh well with the characteristic vocals of the band. This gives the listeners a completely new experience that no other band offers. Also, it is important to note that their newest release “Swell” is easily one of the best albums of 2018, so definitely check that out.

Top Tracks: Applause, Birdhouse, Warm Hand Splash

For Fans of: Free Throw, Sorority Noise, Microwave

  1. Sylar

Sylar is a metal/alternative band from Queens, New York. Sylar’s music holds true to the music of early metal/alternative music; however, they also use those techniques in an innovative light to help produce music that is also progressive. When looking into their music, it is heard that they take the Linkin Park approach to music while giving their audience more of a heavy twist to the same concepts. Another interesting aspect of this band is how they act within a live performance. When watching Sylar perform, you can see that the band is taking influence from both genres and mixing them well, for their set wavers back and forth between a constant groove and the normal hype of metal concerts.

Top Tracks: Golden Retreat, Assume, Soul Addiction

For Fans of: Linkin Park, Issues, Cane Hill

  1. Hot Mulligan

Hot Mulligan is a progressive pop punk who have members primarily from Michigan, but there is some Iowa representation. Hot Mulligan makes the list because their music is about to take the scene by storm. This is because their music blends alternative, pop, pop punk, and rock music into one cohesive sound. They are able to do so by their elaborate instrumentation, which pulls from the normal orchestration of the band as well as a synthesizer. Additionally, when seeing the band live, it is seen that they have their own distinct style, which falls on the almost awkward spectrum, but this makes for a vulnerable performance. Though this sounds weird, it is really spectacular to watch, but really, this band is just fantastic.

Top Tracks: Dary, The Soundtrack to Missing A Slam Dunk, Deluxe Capacitor

For Fans of: Tiny Moving Parts, With Confidence, Seaway

  1. Broadside

Broadside is a popping pop punk band from Los Angeles, California. This band has slowly grown within the scene, but they still deserve more recognition. When listening to Broadside, you’re in for a treat. To further, when I listen to Broadside, I feel like I’m sitting on the beach, just relaxing and having a great time. In the same breath, when you see these guys live its energy times a thousand, which makes their music all the more enjoyable. Their music is distinctly memorable because they use witty phrases mixed with musical interludes that just sound cool. Put those two things together and what more could you want?

Top Tracks: Playing in Traffic, Coffee Talk, Come & Go

For Fans of: State Champs, Like Pacific, With Confidence

  1. Creeper

Creeper is an alternative punk but also kind of rock band from the United Kingdom. I don’t even know where to begin with this band. Their instrumentation is rather simple; however, the band loves to utilizes thick texture through various harmonies, which grasps the listeners from the first seconds of each track. Additionally, the band keeps a similar groove setup for each selection, but each song is completely different from the next. This is why it’s so hard to pinpoint the band’s exact genre because they bounce all around, but this keeps their fans on their toes. Creeper also keeps their dark aesthetic from frame to live-action; meaning, when they all perform, they all play the part that they look as if they would, and this just helps to sell the ideal picture of what they want to deliver through their music.

Top Tracks: Black Mass, Hiding With Boys, Suzanne

For Fans of: My Chemical Romance, Basement, Senses Fail

  1. Boston Manor

Boston Manor is pop punk band that utilizes a lot of rock grooves from the United Kingdom. Man, oh man, these boys- what talent. When you go to listen to any of their music, you’re in for a good time. This is because the boys set up their music packed with instrumentals that all seem to go off on their own; however, as a cohesive idea it sounds magnificent. The band pulls from simple ideologies for their lyrical content, but the way they deliver their thoughts are killer because they twist the simple thoughts to make them sound elevated. Also, when they perform live their energy only increases as the set moves forward, and it’s such a good time. Side note, for a good cry, listen to Broken Glass as loud as you can.

Top Tracks: Drowned in Gold, Broken Glass, Laika

For Fans of: Knuckle Puck, Real Friends, The Wonder Years

  1. Palisades

Palisades is a dance influenced rock band from New Jersey. Palisades has grown in popularity over the years, but they still are underrepresented, and that really needs to change. Their music morphs pop music with rock music as well as a dash of metal and electronics. Really, they throw in a bunch of genres to produce music that is overly pleasing to listen to. Like, as soon as one of their songs come on, you just want to dance. The grooves that they pack into their work are just infectious. Palisades is one of the only bands that can work very distant genres together to produce something that doesn’t sound forced nor gimmicky. It is important to note that if you have never seen Palisades live, change that as soon as possible because you’re in for one of the best concerts of your life. Yes, they are really that fun.

Top Tracks: True Blood, Mind Games, High and Low

For Fans of: Issues, I See Stars, The Word Alive

  1. Secrets

Secrets is a hardcore band from San Diego, California. Secrets has undergone a few line-up changes over the years, but they’ve put out killer album after killer album, and they truly deserve so much more exposure and representation. Their music dives into the standard for metal artists in the scene; however, Secrets likes to also bend their genre influence here and there, but for the most part they remain rather fixed within the genre. This doesn’t harm them in the slightest because the band gives their listeners over the top instrumental breakdowns with ornate vocals lines. This catches the audience’s attention immediately because their breakdowns are set up to just change the game of the scene because they are that solid. No really, they are. The band is even better live than they are on audio recording, which is killer for them because, who thought they could get even better?

Top Tracks: Live Together, Die Alone, Artist vs. Who?, Dance of the Dead

For Fans of: For All Those Sleeping, Stick to Your Guns, Counterparts

2 thoughts on “My Top 10 Underrated Bands

  1. Nice post! I love Broadside! I totally get the beach vibe from listening to their music too as it always puts me in a happy summer mood.
    I’ve heard of most of the other bands mentioned but will definitely have to give them a proper listen sometime 🙂

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