LP Review; Trash Boat: “Crown Shyness”

The Album:

 There was an abundance of hype surrounding the release of Trash Boat’s new album “Crown Shyness”, especially after they hit the Vans Warped Tour this summer premiering a few tracks off the record. With all of this, everyone was expecting nothing less than a banger, and that’s exactly what they got. Trash Boat gave their audience an album that thrives on the idea of contrast; meaning, in every way that they could, this album utilizes that specific musical technique. One of the major aspects of that is how the tracks are presented on the album. As one moves throughout the record it is heard that the band gives a very heavy, dense track, and the next selection is normally a tad calmer. This helps to keep the audience in a constant musical trance as they move through the spectrum of music that is “Crown Shyness”. Branching off that, throughout the album the band gives the audience strong opposing vocal types, which helps them to pull several different musical genres influences throughout the album. This allows the band to stretch their appeal to vast audience members, for their music doesn’t scream one huge genre over the other. This claim may be heavy; however, it is uncommon to see a band pull off large instrumental breakdowns that resolve to a vocal lick that screams pop punk. Looking towards the instrumentals of the album a tad more, it is heard that the band utilizes a solid sense of balance and blend that allows every individual member of the band to just dig into their own instrumental part. This gives the audience over the top musical riffs underneath and surrounding the hard-hitting lyrical content that will captivate the audience upon their first listen. With all of this, the band is able to place hits in unique places, within each musical phrase, to provide unique rhythms that make for cool sounding grooves that will lead to misleading instrumental moments. These moments will help to keep audience members on their toes at first, making them want to keep listening to the album on repeat. Overall, I am giving this album a 4.5 out of 5 stars because this album shows that Trash Boat has refined their sound from their previous releases, and it shows that the band is here to make a statement within the scene, and that’s exactly what they’ll do.


Top Tracks:

 “Controlled Burn”, “Silence”, and “Inside Out”

When listening to the album for the first time (and even a second or a third, or heck, every time), these songs stick out to the listener because of their dynamic nature. Each song listed is completely unique in its own right, which helps to enforce that overall idea of contrast that is expanded upon throughout this album. To put it straight, these songs are ear-catching filled with witty, memorable licks and instrumental breakdowns. All of these tactics mesh together to create a remarkable musical idea that everyone should familiarize themselves with.


The Artwork:

 When first glancing at this album, one can make out the band’s logo being formed from the surrounding forest. The idea of this is strong to the album, for when one just glances at the album, they know that they are diving into an album by Trash Boat, which may give them an idea of what to expect. Moving to how the album relates to the music presented on it, as mentioned in the general review, the band gives their audience a high sense of contrast, while giving the audience overly witty and hard-hitting lyrics. When one looks at the cover, they notice that the only colors present are maroon and a cream(ish)-white color. After noticing this, it can be related that the maroon color is in the process of consuming the remainder of the white color. In most cases, the color maroon symbolizes power, creativity, warmth, strength, beauty, and many other personal, positive feelings. This meshes perfectly with the selections presented on the album, for throughout the album, the audience rides through a huge spectrum of musical emotions through the contrast that the band provides. Therefore, as one peers at the album artwork as they listen to the record, it will help to solidify the conceptual idea of the album when placing the two parts together because now they can see and hear all of those positive attributes out-weigh the negative ones.

 *”Crown Shyness” was released on July 20, 2018 through Hopeless Records.

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