LP Review; Death Cab for Cutie: “Thank You for Today”

The Album:

Since Death Cab for Cutie has been such a big name in the game for some time, it was no surprise that the world freaked out when there was word of a new album in the works, and let me tell you, this band didn’t let anyone down. The first part of this album that strikes the audience is the combination of various musical genres that makes this album just melt. To further, even form the first maybe 30 seconds of the record, the band gives their audience nods to the alternative genre along with dashes from the new wave genre, the modern-pop genre, as well as the cool more mod sound of earlier artists. They were able to achieve this sound by using minimal instrumentation throughout the album. This helps the band spice up their tracks with ornate harmonics that complement the contour of the musical phrases presented by the instrumentalists. From this, the band also adds a concoction of musical timbres that startle the audience in the best way, for they slide into each track simply to enhance the groove and the vibe that the band is creating. As one listens to this album, they are almost put into a trance, for the music that is presented is that soothing, which gives the band some creative liberties when it comes to their lyrics, for it is apparent that the listeners would be all in- living through the lyrics as they make their way through the record. The lyrics of the album are very simple, but they, again, complement the orchestration surrounding it while being overly catchy. This will help to enhance the likability and perception of this album because it makes one want to listen to it. This album may be challenged for sounding kind of similar moving track to track; however, the band includes small musical motives in almost every piece, which gives the audience some type of new musical material almost constantly- even if its subtle. Overall, I am giving this album a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I fell to this score because when one listens to this album, they aren’t just listening to music; rather, they are experiencing it. Honestly, this is just one of those albums that you put on, and you just let go.


Top Tracks:

“I Dreamt We Spoke Again”, “When We Drive”, and “Summer Years”

These songs are must when diving into this album, for they encompass that sensation that takes you to another world. Although each of these tracks have characteristics that tie them closely to the other tracks on the record, they still resonate with a different vibe, which places the audience in a different mood. There’s not much more to go into with these selections, for its better to experience them more than anything else.


The Artwork:

When looking at this album at first glance, its rather minimal, for the color scheme is rather monochromatic, and the bulk of the picture focuses on words and small images. This is strong before even diving into the music on the record, for this effect gives the perception of a very modern alternative image, which attracts bigger audiences because it is aesthetically pleasing. When connecting the album artwork to the music on the record, the two match up perfectly. As stated in the general review, the music itself is rather minimal, but it sits well where it rests. The same thing is enhanced with this cover work, for the band isn’t punching the audience with these over the top images, they are giving them just enough to relay their message. Additionally, as stated before, the music on this album takes the audience and puts them somewhere else. This can be seen through the cover, for the clouds with the merging of colors create a visual for the audience of natural serenity. This mixture only captivates the audience, for now they are hearing and seeing this relaxed state, which will only help them find their relaxed state while listening even more. Furthermore, even though the album cover doesn’t scream at the audience, it brings them in slowly, and from there, it makes them never want to let go, which makes this combination of picture to music phenomenal.

*”Thank You for Today” was released on August 17, 2018 through the Atlantic Recording Company.

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