EP Review; Gianni & Kyle: “She’s No Angel”

The Album:

Other than one EP that was released in 2017, Gianni & Kyle have been notorious for giving their fans only a single here and there, so when the band dropped their longest collective record to date: the hype was more than present (disregard the heavy pun present since the pair is currently on tour with Hoodie Allen with his most recent release being “The Hype”, haha, get it? I know, entertaining). When listening to this record, it was apparent from the jump that all of the music present on the album was going to scream the Gianni & Kyle brand, which enhances the likability of this record from the start. Looking into the music in more depth, the majority of the background music gives the audience a simple harmonic progression to attach to, so that the vocal line could be the primary focus of each work. However, when listening to each selection, it is apparent that the background music, even though harmonically simple, provides a small groove for the audience members to attach to. This is a result from the fluctuation of instrumentation and electronics with the emphasis of certain musical moments inserted to help the juxtaposition of instrumentation to pop through the mixing texture of each work. This, to put it bluntly, allows for the artist to create overly simple songs that sound interesting. Since the works on this record resonate in a simpler manner, the audience will be more inclined to continually listen to album, for it provides the audience with an easy listen where they could just let it spin, and they can vibe with it along the way. Overall, I would give this album a 4.5 out of 5 stars. On top of the likability nature of this album, this record also gets such a score, for Gianni & Kyle give their audience a new spin on what a hip hop/rap album can sound like, which gives them an innovative edge, and will likely help to send them to the top of the charts in no time.


Top Tracks:

“5 shots”, “do u even miss me at all?”. “independent”

These tracks stick out among the pack for several reasons. Each selection found on this record resonates in a similar light; however, when one hears any of these selections they are immediately sent to a groove that will strike them in the best way from the first second that the track sounds. Additionally, when listening to these selections, the listeners will connect with these in a quicker fashion, for these tracks pull from relatable situations, as all of the selections do; however, these pieces take those scenarios and twist them lyrically to come off in a witty manner to the audience, which will enhance their successful nature: making these the must listen-to tracks of the album.


The Artwork:

 When first glancing at this album cover, it is apparent that this artwork will stick with the audience as a typical cover would for any other artist in the hip hop/rap music scene. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it still gives the audience a simple image to connect with. Taking the cover art a step further to compare it to that of the music, when one listens to the album, it is heard that there is a clear juxtaposition of “good” to “bad”, when focusing on the track listings as well as the lyrical content found on each selection in the make. Keeping this in mind, the artwork enhances such a claim, for the cover gives the audience an image with Gianni & Kyle chilling on a cloud as two angels and two devils surround them. This gives the audience that clear “good versus evil” divide. Therefore, in that regard, the record artwork is successful, for it is giving the audience a cliché version of that inner and outer turmoil. Furthermore, I would say the music and the album artwork work well together; however, the image that is present on the cover is a tad basic compared to the other images that Gianni & Kyle has used in the past.

*”She’s No Angel” was released on November 1, 2018 through Hardpink Records.

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