LP Review; Tyler Carter: “Moonshine”

The Album:

Through the hype from his time in his other project Issues as well as from his previous release “Leave Your Love” in 2015, fans were excited to get a full-length experience from Carter, and he definitely didn’t let anyone down. Let’s turn to the music, shall we? All right, from the jump, this album takes audience members through soothing lyrical lines that ride beautifully in the mid-range of the vocalist. This allows his soft instrumentalists to fill in the musical texture as needed, and it gives them the freedom to extrapolate on their individual parts here and there and still fall into the blend of his voice. Through this technique, Carter is giving his listeners a record that marries the pop, the R&B, and the alternative musical genre together seamlessly. This marriage of sound expands Carter’s success for the album, for it will be appealing to more people as the genre influences stretch across various means. Normally when artists approach such a technique, they try to put in small nuances every second; however, Carter reverses this technique, and I believe that is what makes this album so successful. Every musical moment that occurs alongside the vocal line feels as if it is needed to finish the entire musical picture; to further, nothing in this record feels like it’s simply there just for filler purposes- every aspect of this album has a purpose, which is a really cool moment to experience. Overall, I am giving this album a 4 out of 5 stars. This album is getting such a score because not many artists can pull off such a diverse album while having each track sound so cohesive when moving from front to back. This record rides on the softer side, so it would’ve been nice to include a few more upbeat moments, but other than that this album is fantastic.


Top Tracks:

“Moonshine”, “Legend”, and “Drown”

Now, when diving through this album, it is hard to decipher which songs push to the forefront; however, after some hard deliberation- a decision has been processed. These tracks edge up against the rest, for they not only encapsulate the vibe of the release perfectly, but they also catch the vulnerability of the artist beautifully, which makes these tracks easier to connect to. Having that extra push behind them makes these the selections that everyone should give a shot, so check them out.


 The Artwork:

 Looking at the album artwork on its own, I have to say, it is absolutely stunning. The cover art pulls together realism with a touch of abstract coloring with an overall fade appearing when looking at the artwork from the bottom up (which isn’t how one normally processes an image, but it all works the same). This works well for the audience, for the cover art will invite audience members in because people are more likely to dive into something new if the affiliating materials intrigue them, and this artwork will do just that. It is also important to mention that this cover art works perfectly for the genre of music that Tyler Carter is a part of, so that’ll enhance the success of the work as well. When comparing the cover with the music that appears on the inside, it can be said that the two connect distantly. Throughout the record, the artist takes his listeners through a lyrical journey that rides this natural rise and fall of emotions, and that is where the faded effect could strengthen that connection. Other than that, the two aren’t necessarily symbolically related; however, that doesn’t tarnish the overall aura of the album. Both are strong on their own, so the lack of a major connection doesn’t faze anything out.

*”Moonshine” was released on February 1st, 2019 through Rise Records.

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