LP Review; Crown the Empire: “Sudden Sky”

The Album:

After their 2016 release, Retrograde, fans were dying for new music from Crown the Empire; thus, when they released a single in 2018 that brought forth feelings of nostalgia, listeners were waiting patiently for the full-album release. Well, that time has come, so let’s see if the band has lived up to the expectations of their listeners. As one makes their way through the release, it is apparent that the band is flashing back with their general approach to the record, for a lot of the music, at its basic level, is quite reminiscent of the music that is found on The Fallout. However, as the band uses that as the base for their selections, they also include the next level, where the throw in nuances of the electronic vibe that is starting to drive almost every music genre that there is. When taking these two elements, it is very difficult to marry them and keep your characteristic sound true and strong, but, somehow, Crown the Empire sounds more “Crown the Empire” than ever before, and they made such a strong album in the process. This record gives audience members that glance back to the 2012 music scene, and this is crucial, for music isn’t, in any way, as strong as it was back then, and here comes Crown the Empire flashing us back while catapulting us forward with such a strong record. Therefore, I am giving this album a 4.5 out of 5 stars because it has been a long while since an artist has been able to marry the hardcore and electronic musical genres in such a way that works with the characteristics of the band while appealing to masses. Well done!


Top Tracks:

“Sudden Sky”, “MZRY”, and “BLURRY (out of place)”

As I stated in the general review, Crown the Empire, with this record, took a leap forward in their musical career by staying true to their The Fallout sound while throwing in dashes of the innovative electronic genre that is making its way into popularity in the current music scene. With all that being said, as one makes their way through this album these tracks stick out, for they drive with the perfect balance of the new and old Crown the Empire sound. I would honestly dive into the record as a whole; however, this is where I would start to get the best feel for the album.


The Artwork:

 When glancing at the artwork on its own, it is gives the audience members quite the futuristic vibe, for the members of the band are floating in the air, frozen in different poses. The background and the clothing that they are wearing mimic the same aesthetic to drive that type of atmosphere. Taking that information and looking at the music that falls on the inside, I would say that the two do work together. Even though, lyrically, the music isn’t completely looking towards to the future, a lot of the tracks that made the cut resonate with a “futuristic” title, which creates this overall aura for the audience members as they embark on the journey that is this album. Also, when one thinks about the title of the record being “Sudden Sky”, it is not surprising that the band is hovering in the air (sky) in almost what could be a sudden stop, for it appears that the members were mid-moment when they became frozen in time. Overall, I would say that the two do work well together, and the cover art wouldn’t deter people from jumping into the record; however, I don’t think the artwork pushes the album to the next level like it could’ve.

*”Sudden Sky” was released on July 19th, 2019 through Rise Records

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