EP Review; Hoodie Allen: “Whatever USA”

The Album:

Since his last full-length release in 2017, Hoodie Allen had been touring and working on music throughout, while releasing a few tracks here and there. As he did that, the hype (total pun intended) continued to grow for new music as fans were waiting anxiously for another, longer, release from the artist, and let me tell you- this record was worth the wait. As one sits down to listen to the album, it is apparent that Hoodie has refined the sound that fans have grown to love over the years, and he did so in a way that takes him to the next level, if I’m completely honest. The music follows the similar alternative, rap, R&B, and pop mash-up when talking musical genres; however, the overall sound of this album just resonates at a more elite level because every piece of the puzzle that is this record just seems to fit together so seamlessly that I don’t believe anyone could bash this work. The lyrical content of the album will be relatable to the masses, and the numerous genre crossovers will allow Hoodie to appeal to even more people than before. Overall, I would give this album a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I want to start by saying that I almost gave this EP a full score because I think musically, lyrically, and situationally this album is going to change the game. The only reason I hesitate to give this record a full score is because I believe that Hoodie could take us to that next level, so I’m leaving room for when that does happen.


Top Tracks:

“You Should Let Me Know”, “60 Seconds”, and “Come Around”

As I stressed in the general review, this is hands down Hoodie’s best album to date, but even the best of the best have tracks that rank above the others, and these are those selections that rise above the rest. These tracks stick out when listening to this record, for it drives the refined Hoodie Allen sound while packing a huge punch both lyrically and musically. Upon the first listen, each of these selections just stick with you, and that is the sign of a beyond solid piece of music. I would check out the entire record, but this is where I would start if I were you.


The Artwork:

 As one glances at the artwork without hearing a single track on the record, I would say they would be interested to give it a shot, for the overall aesthetic of the artwork is very modern, clean, and an elevated version of previous Hoodie Allen albums. This artwork contains Hoodie, sitting on the ground, leaning against a car in what appears to be a desert-type area with a billboard in the background reading the album title “Whatever USA”. When one dives into the album, musically speaking, I would say that the two connect, but the connection is quite vague. It appears that Hoodie is sitting there in reflection or just relaxation, in this mental space, he could be reminiscing about topics that are talked about on the album. However, when one glances at the artwork, those specific topics probably wouldn’t jump to mind. Moreover, I would say the two work well together only because they are both very strong on their own, but the artwork itself doesn’t directly impact the music, and in this case, I don’t think it really matters because the music is so strong.

*”Whatever USA” was released on August 16th, 2019 through Hoodie Allen LLC.

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