LP Review; Knocked Loose: “A Different Shade of Blue”

The Album:

After a killer debut album in 2016, Knocked Loose started inching their way up the metal/alternative scene, and they’ve made quite the name for themselves with that record. Therefore, once everyone caught wind that a new release was on the horizon, the hype for new music began to grow, so let’s see if this album rips as hard as “Laugh Tracks” did. Spoiler alert: this album is better than “Laugh Tracks”, but only slightly because they are both remarkable. “A Different Shade of Blue” retains the characteristic sound of Knocked Loose and elevates it slightly through over the top instrumental breakdowns, instrumental riffs, and juxtaposition of texture and vocal lines. It is important to note that the rustic, pure, unedited sound that Knocked Loose had prior to this record still remains. This helps to create a record that is more edgy and more metal in some regards, but it also keeps it connected to the previous release. Throughout the album, you’ll hear the band lead into hash dissonant tones, and you’ll hear them exaggerate time to build the angst of each piece. The writing and execution in that regard is nearly perfect, and I can barely form words to how well-crafted this record is- top to bottom. Overall, I would give this album 5 out of 5 stars. I am giving this album such a score because this is the first album in YEARS to bring back the hard metal sound of 2010-2014, and I’m hopeful this record will help restore that approach to music because it has been missed.


Top Tracks:

“Mistakes Like Fractures”, “Belleville”, and “Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory”

I will say, it was difficult to decide which tracks were the best of the best for this release, for each selection on this record complete rips in its own way, and they all deserve attention, but these works nudge slightly over the rest. These three tracks drive the Knocked Loose brand with authentically metal breakdowns, riffs, and lyrical lines that are just heavy. When listening to these works I am taken back to the good days of the metal scene, and that’s really what we are looking for. Please give the whole record a shot, but definitely start here to get the ball rolling.


The Artwork:

 My exact first words for this album artwork were “wow, that’s so metal”, do I need more of an introduction? The artwork shows a run down, potentially haunted house at night with a black and grey color scheme other than blue accents for depth and perception. This connects well with the music that falls on the inside, for aesthetically the music is very metal and that is the type of image that the band provides on the front. However, when you talk more specifically about the music, a lot of the works resonate with an ominous aura and purpose, with a dash of destruction behind them, and that is perfectly pictured on the cover of the record. Overall, the two are a perfect match. I love that the band used blue as the accent color, though this isn’t surprising because of the album title, they did it in such a way that it doesn’t feel gimmicky. No complaints here.

*”A Different Shade of Blue” was released on August 23rd, 2019 through Pure Noise Records.

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