LP Review; The Amity Affliction: “Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave”

The Album:

After taking a slight divergence from their edgy, heavy sound in their last release, The Amity Affliction came through swinging with their newest album entitled: “Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them”. Let’s dive into the specifics to see what makes this record so nostalgic yet so innovative. From the first track of the album, it is apparent that the band set out on a mission to bring their heavy sound back. The initial selection, “Coffin”, gives listeners the hard-hitting punch that has been absent from the band’s previous album. This track almost comes as an exhilarating shock to the audience, for it is evident that the band is about to just completely throw down, like old times, but since the band has strayed away from this style in the past, the sound will likely surprise people. With that being said, as one moves throughout the record, it is heard that the band takes their older album sound and meshes it with the more modern flair that they’ve produced on recent occasions. Placing these two styles together makes for music that is heavy in articulation, lots of juxtaposition from screamed to sung vocals as well as instrumental riffs, breakdowns by the dozens, and lyrics that are sentimental and hit the emotions where they hurt the most. The make of this makes for a stellar album brought to you by The Amity Affliction. In terms of its place in the scene, I think this will be a strong release for the metal/alternative scene, for it provides listeners with the edgier sound scape that should be present for a solid metal album; however, it does so while also providing softer, lyrical sections that just sooth the soul. This equation is characteristic of the band’s sound from the “Chasing Ghosts” era; furthermore, to see the band evolve that sound to show and present music to the world that they care about while staying current makes for a brilliant album. Overall, I would give this record a 4 out of 5 stars. I believe that this record will give The Amity Affliction the boost that they need to really take 2020 by storm. If you’re down with the metal/alternative scene, I would check this record out!


Top Tracks:

 “All My Friends are Dead”, “Coffin”, and “Catatonia”

A lot of the content on this record is quite remarkable; however, within every release there are tracks that stand out amongst the pack: these, my friends, are it. These selections stick out because they bring the heavy-hitting back to The Amity Affliction. These works take listeners back to the times of “Chasing Ghosts” and “Don’t Lean on Me”, which will excite people to the core. Therefore, I would check out the entire album, but if you want some selections to throw it back to the good times with new tunes: start here.


The Artwork:

 When first glancing at the cover art, The Amity Affliction’s aesthetic smacks people in the face, so let’s dive in and see if it’s connection to the music makes the album a major success. Since the artwork screams the band’s style, on its own, it will likely intrigue the masses. When one turns the music on that’s found on the inside, the connection between the two just blossoms. On the cover of the album, there is a picture of an old-fashioned sheet ghost just floating in this haunted, ominous woods. The picture puts off this overarching feeling of sadness and isolation. As one listens to the record, that is the exact emotion that is driven home. This album brings listeners back to the heavy times of the band while also providing somber moments with a modern flair. As the band emphasizes this approach to music, they are riding with lyrics that are harsh, hard-hitting, and overly emotional. It is heard throughout every track, that the band is talking about emotions that would make people feel as if they are isolated, or they would want to be isolated. These dark thoughts are so harsh, that they make people feel like they are surrounded or living in darkness, and that is exactly what the image depicts. Overall, I would say that the artwork and the music are quite remarkable on their own, but together? They create a phenomenal record inside and out.

*”Everyone Loves You…Once You Leave Them” was released on February 21st, 2020 through Pure Noise Records.

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