LP Review; The Ghost Inside: “The Ghost Inside”

The Album:

In 2015, The Ghost Inside was halted by a tragic incident, but sparing the details, even with the degree of the accident- the band had one mission: to return to music. After 5 years, when the band announced they were releasing their first round of new music since that time, it was no surprise that the entire earth shook with anticipation, so let’s dive in to talk about the genius that we already know this record is.  From the first downbeat of this album, the band tells the listeners two main things: 1. This album is about to rage and 2. Be prepared for passion and emotion to be fully on lock. With that in mind, when looking towards the instrumentals of the record, it is heard that The Ghost Inside brought heavy articulations to the table, which gives each instrumentalist the opportunity to just dig into their respective parts. Additionally, through this approach, they are able to heighten each track with strong instrumental juxtaposition, which forms high moments of contrast. This is either heard through strategic moments of silence, a shift in orchestration, or how active each instrumental voice is. From this, the band stuck to their traditional heavy metal vocals with a sprinkle of some sung vocals here and there. OH and of course the band brings over the top instrumental breakdowns- I can’t forget to mention that key point. Aside from the technicalities of this record, the message and the journey that the band takes listeners on is the main event. As one listens to the album, they feel the emotions that they band felt before, during, and after the crash. These shifting emotions made for a record that was raw, uncensored, and just music for the sake of loving to make music. Overall, I would give this album a 4.75 out of 5 stars. I believe that this is one of the best metal alternative/hardcore records that has been released in the last several years. The music found on the make is innovative while being nostalgic, crisp, and articulate, but it also pulls on the emotions enough to tie everything into a bow. This album is a must for 2020 and every year to come: so good to have you guys back.


Top Tracks:

“Aftermath”, “Pressure Point”, and “Make or Break”

This is the first time I considered not even providing a “Top Tracks” section, for (and I know I’ve said this before, but) you 100000% should listen to this record from front to back first. All the selections on this record are remarkable, but the journey that the band writes through the progression of the selections is just breathtaking. However, if I were to steer you towards some of the top tracks: these would be the ones to make the cut. These are the tunes, to me, that resonate with the most passion, and they just dig the deepest emotionally and instrumentally. Please, and I mean please, check this one out from front to back: you won’t regret it, but for a preview start here.


Album Artwork:

 At first glance, it is evident that this record belongs to The Ghost Inside, for their band’s symbol is the main event on the image. Well, until one takes a closer look. When you zoom into the cover art, it is apparent that hundreds of smaller pictures create the album cover, as a whole. The tiny images are comprised of tattoos and other pictures from fans that preside with something that represents the band. This notion is powerful on its own: let’s dive in to see if this connects to the music that found on the inside. Throughout the record, it is apparent that the band is telling a story about life before, during, and after the crash in 2015. They presented their music in such a way that listeners are taking that emotional journey with them through this record. With that in mind, it can be said that the band was thinking about their band’s future and fans throughout their recovery process. The band kept the big picture of: “will we ever make music again?” in mind, which is present from the passion behind each selection. By having images of their fans make up their self-titled, return record only emphasizes that point times 100. In general, both the music and the artwork is moving, but the combination of the two makes for an album that is a composite that will make many speechless- in the best way.

*”The Ghost Inside” was released on June 5th, 2020 through Epitaph Records.

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