2021 Update

Hello everyone!
I know it has been a long time since I posted my last music review. Looking back through 2021, I have only posted 2 music reviews, which is something I am not happy with and didn’t predict. This year has been very trying as we all know, and my connection to music had felt jaded in some situations. I am writing this to say that I plan on music reviewing soon- trying to catch up on some reviews that have come out this year. I am not sure if I will follow the same format or just let my instinct go with the reviews. I enjoyed the general review to the top tracks to the album artwork, but sometimes it felt forced. As “What’s So Special About Music Anyways?” rounds year 4, I want to approach it from a new era- however I want. Thank you to those that have stuck around. I am excited to be reviewing music again. Content coming soon.

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