New Music Friday; Adele Single: “Easy On Me”

The world has waited so long for an Adele release, and let me tell you, this spun before the news podcast this morning, and that is a big deal. And Yes, I did wait or the video primer last night (well worth the wait). Adele has spoken out about how it wasn’t her intention for there to be as big of a pause (6 whole years) with her music; however, once you hear her comeback track- all we can think about is how thankful we are to have new music by Adele.

This song resonates with the Adele essence. Her voice feels as if it has evolved, while having that connection of familiarity that the fans know they’re home. The lyrics for “Easy On Me” punch the soul. Thematically, the song talks about even how there may be times that we as humans don’t do the right thing or the preferred thing, but all we can hope and ask is for people to take it easy on us (or her in terms of the lyrics within the song). This message is something that many can attach to, and Adele shapes the melody in such a way that it simply enriches the soul.

The simplicity of this selection is where the beauty lies. Contrast is present through the set-up of providing homorhythmic sections of where the vocals and the orchestration line up as one, and then, having the orchestration slowly branch out in future sections to allow for greater impact Adele is known for accompaniment that glides with her lyrical lines- this work is no different: everything complements the other.

As the song progresses, subtle additions are added to the accompaniment to guide the growing intensity of the song. This is mirrored as Adele provides variations on her melodic line. She does so by augmenting some portions of the melody, while providing vocal ornamentation. Having this rejuvenated version of the chorus following the bridge helps to drive the listeners to the end of the selection.

“Easy On Me” was the perfect comeback release for Adele. It is an equal mix of nostalgic to progressive through an Adele lens. This track will help to bolster the anticipation for her Full-Length release of 30 on November 19th, 2021. Fans will be waiting to see the breakthrough tracks that we know are coming. Adele, Welcome home.

I am giving this song a 4 out of 5 stars.

*”Easy On Me” was released on October 15th, 2021 through Columbia Records

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