LP Review; Palisades: “Erase the Pain”

The Album:

After releasing a solid album early 2017, it was a surprise to people that Palisades were going to be releasing another full-length album late 2018, so let’s see if they lived up to the measure. As on makes their way through the album, the first thing that jumps out is a new, refined sound. Previous to this release, Palisades danced around with the mixing of electronics with the standard metal/hardcore sound. When listening to this album, that connection isn’t as prevalent (if there at all), which isn’t a total surprise, for their self-titled album began their departure from that approach, but this album almost takes them away from it completely. Therefore, since that isn’t their main musical approach, what is? On this record, it sounds as if the band is taking a rather fixed, hardcore approach to their album with a few dashes of alternative and electronic influences here and there. This makes it hard for the album to stand out amongst the top-notch albums that hit the ground running in 2018; however, the band may have hit big with their lyrical content. Throughout the release, it is heard that the band talks about hard-hitting emotions and life events that not many people like to talk about. This enhances the overall success of the record, for it brings relatable content to the listeners, and the band does so in a way that isn’t overly generic. Overall, I would give this album a 3.5 out of 5 stars. I landed on this score because the record is solid, musically speaking, but the album is just under the bar to help them stick out in the music scene that is constantly evolving.


Top Tracks:

“Pain”, “Erase the Pain”, and “Fade”

When listening to this record, it is apparent that Palisades has now evolved their sound to a more refined electronic/metal musical genre crossover. As they do this, the small nuances that they had on previous releases get lost among the group; however, these tracks still give audience members that small little sparkle that helped to give Palisades that elevated push, especially when comparing this record to that of “Mind Games”. Therefore, if you’re going to give this album a shot, start with these tracks.


The Artwork:

 When one first glances at the album artwork, I would say it is quite captivating. The image on the cover depicts what looks to be a snake wrapping itself in a circular motion as part of it is deteriorating as the circle progression is continued; meaning, it almost comes across as if the snake it eating itself, or as the progression is continued, parts of the snake begin to break. Other than this picture, the only other thing present on the cover is the title of the album as well as the band’s name. This helps to keep the artwork confined, so that it wouldn’t come across as “too much” to the viewer. When looking at the music in relation to the album cover, it can be said that the two do work well together. Throughout the album, it is heard that Palisades wanted to give their listeners an album that talked about the “not so talked about” emotions that one goes through in their everyday life. As they did this, they talked about the hardships of life and emotions, which focused on pain, and the act of erasing it (yes, all puns intended). Therefore, having an image on the cover that shows a being consuming themselves or falling apart through a circular process equally contributes to the circular motion of life and the hardships that one goes through as they live theirs. So, as a whole, I would say that this is a strong album cover for the record because of the strength of the connection that they have lyrically and visually.

*”Erase the Pain” was released on December 28th, 2018 through Rise Records.

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