LP Review; Alice Merton: “Mint”

 The Album:

After giving the world a taste of her sound through her “No Roots” EP, everyone was itching for the real deal. Therefore, once Alice Merton announced she was going to release her first full-length album, people were not hesitant to bring the hype for it, and trust me, all the hype was for a good cause. Diving into the music found on the record, from the jump, Merton was setting herself up to give the listeners music that was packed with grooves from front to back. As she did so, she was able to pull influences from different genres, which gave her more creative freedom in terms of melodic and harmonic progressions. Knowing this, it can easily be deduced that each song on the album resonates in a way that they are unique to itself; however, as one moves through the album from front to back, there is also a slight connect that makes the record cohesive as a unit. The one part of this album that I think is the most admirable part is the strategic use of electronics to enhance her soothing melodic lines. Merton’s voice resonates in such a sweet spot of an average vocal range, so when she places countermelodies through electronic means, the two marry together to creative this ornate and innovative sound that just invites people to come listen. Overall, I am giving this album a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I am giving this album such a score, for the majority of the tracks are just bops, and with that, most of the musical choices that Merton makes for this album helps her to stick out among the plethora of rising alternative artists in the seen.


Top Tracks:

 “No Roots”, “Honeymoon Heartbreak”, and “I Don’t Hold a Grudge”

These tracks stick out among the pack, for as one makes their way through Merton’s album, it is apparent that each track has their own sense of individuality through unique means. However, when these tracks come on during the cycle, they strike audience members in the best way, for they are musically innovative, and simply put, they are just bops.  Furthermore, if you’re looking for a good time- check these selections out!


The Artwork:

 When first looking at this album cover, viewers may be intrigued by the album, for the cover isn’t overly or underwhelmingly suggestive. The cover looks slick, precise, and oddly inviting due to its ambiguous nature. Keeping all of this in mind, let’s see how the artwork pairs with the music on the inside. As one listens to the album, it is heard that Merton utilizes ornate grooves that work well with her simple melodic lines. As these connect throughout all the tracks found on the record, it can be said that all the selections presented on the album make logical and musical sense, especially keeping in mind the progression of how the tracks lay out on the album itself. How do these two things connect? Well, the connection is rather thin, but since the cover art is simplistic in nature, it helps to enhance the natural progression of tracks and how they will be conveyed to the listener. Overall, the content of the cover art is very strong, for it depicts an image that would commonly fall in the alternative genre in which Merton is a part of; however, I wouldn’t step out of my way to say that the cover art makes the musical experience better for her audience. Regardless, both aspects of the record are strong on their own, but that’s really it when talking about connection between the two.

*”Mint” was released on January 18th, 2019 through Paper Plane Records International.

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