LP Review; The Maine: “You Are OK”

The Album:

After a killer album in 2017, fans were dying for a new release from the boys in The Maine, and let me tell you, disappointment is nowhere to be found in this record. So, let’s dive into it. From the jump, this album grabs audience members’ attention due to its likable nature. It’s hard to pinpoint what makes it so appealing, but the sound of this record form front to back is so genuinely cool, fresh, and new, which makes for the perfect summer album, or just a killer record to spin at any point in time. (It is very seasonally fitting, though). Throughout the album, The Maine talks about facets of mental health on each of the tracks in the cut. They are able to talk about such a sensitive subject in a manner that is inviting. This may sound a tad odd, but the band presents this content in an innovative light, which feels directly subtle, and that makes the content more relatable when comparing it to other works that try to do a similar thing. When subtracting the lyrical substance from this record, it is apparent that the band has maintained the sound that fans have come to love from The Maine; however, this sound is newly refined, and shapes the lyrics in such a way that gives it a leaning nudge towards a more modern sound without losing the characteristic flavor that is The Maine. With that being said, nothing about this record is overdramatic or overdone. The Maine does an excellent job of providing the perfect blend of instrumentals to lyrical content, which gives the audience a sizable about of substance to attach to without feeling overwhelmed by an overabundance of music content (which a lot of bands have been doing nowadays). Overall, I would give this album a 4.5 out of 5 stars. This record easily achieves this score because the lyrics are relatable, catchy, and hard-hitting, and the music that ties everything together is just remarkable. Furthermore, this isn’t an album to sleep on: nicely done!


Top Tracks:

 “Numb Without You”, “I Feel It All Over” and “Slip the Noose”

With an album that is as killer as this one, it was hard to pick the songs that stood out the most, but the task had to be done, so what makes these tracks stick out? Well, let’s get into it. These tracks resonate slightly above the rest, for they sing with a different character. It is noticeable that each track has its own identity when moving throughout the record, but these works sit slightly above the stigma of the album, for they take their mental picture that drives their purpose, and they elevate the lyricism of it in such a way that makes it so witty. On top of that, the music that the band provides for these pieces are just over the top, and they aren’t just over the top for an average “The Maine” song; oh no, they are over the top innovative and blur a lot of the musical genres that The Maine has toyed with over the years. Therefore, after listening to this album from front to back like everyone does: jump into these bad boys immediately.


The Artwork:

 When first looking at the album cover for this record, I would say its rather mesmerizing. The picture on the front depicts a nude model in the middle of a pyramid in the desert with a bright blue sky with some clouds in the mix. At the top of the pyramid, a door that appears to be made out of the clouds is present. This imagery gets the mind running, which is the exact effect that drives the success of this album. When connecting the two together, as mentioned in the general review, this album drives the topic of mental health, heavily, and on top of that, it focuses on the beauty and harm in the mentally lost and eventually spun to be found. This drives that idea of everything is going to be okay: “you are ok” (yes, connection totally intended). This is reflected in this image, for this person appears to be lost physically, and maybe even mentally, but their surroundings are serene, calm, and enticing, which drives that dark and light, fire and ice, nature that is mental health with its related to having that battle of wondering if you’re okay. Keeping all of this in mind, I believe that the two (the imagine and the music) marry beautifully, and that just makes this album all the more successful for The Maine.

*”You Are OK” was released by the 8 1 2 3 on March 29th, 2019.

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