LP Review; I Prevail: “TRAUMA”

The Album:

After putting out one of the leading (innovative) metal/alternative albums in 2016, fans were dying for a new release, and when the band randomly announced a second full-length, the hype just grew and grew, so let’s see if they lived up to the hype, shall we? To be blunt, there are parts of this album that are entirely sensational, but there are other parts of this album that fall short for me. Throughout their album, the band bounces back and forth between a heightened version of their “Lifelines” sound, and the other part is comprised of a sound that resonates back to Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory”, and no one can do “Hybrid Theory” but Linkin Park, and that’s where my dilemma falls. Sticking with this, the tracks that resonate in their heavier style pack a huge punch. These pieces give the audience over the top instrumentals paired with electronics to give I Prevail the modern flair that they need to push against the current of new artists joining the scene and to stay relevant. On the flip side, I Prevail includes tracks with more rapped melodies, which have little instrumentals in them except for a moment here or there. These works aren’t bad, by any means, but they sound so similar to other selections that so many artists have already put out, and this will steer audience members the other way. The lyrical content of this album fluctuates as well. Some of the tracks are clever and packed with just cool lyrical moments, and others fall under that generic umbrella. Overall, this record is very hard to score because half of the album is top notch and the other half, not so much, with that being said, I am going to give this record 3.5 out of 5 stars. The work is still good, so I would still give it a shot, but it was definitely not what I was expecting when I heard about this new album.


Top Tracks:

“Deadweight”, “Bow Down”, and “Hurricane”

When trying to decide which tracks burn the brightest on this album, the decision was rather clear, so let’s not mess around, and let’s get into it. As one listens to the record, it is noticeable that the band is moving back and forth between an edgier sound and one that is very modern alternative meets rap with a dash of rock. These tracks on the other hand, retain that “I Prevail” sound that put this band on the map. Not only is that sound present, but the band refines and enhances that sound to give the audience members dashes of an innovative metal alternative sound. Therefore, if you are looking for some heavier, non-generic tunes to bump: these are the ones to hit up.


The Artwork:

 When first looking at the album artwork, I wouldn’t say the imagine is not interesting, but it is a tad confusing, which may work for the artist, but it may not. The imagine depicts a man on his knees, he is stranded in the forest late at night, and the forest seems to be rather demolished. The remainder of the imagery includes the title of the album “Trauma” with a red square (which kinda resembles laser beams), lying behind it. When comparing it to the music that falls on the inside, it is apparent that a connection is blossoming between the two. To further, throughout the album, the band talks about feeling low, bowing down, and the hindrances that may occur in one’s life. When looking at the imagery on the front, especially taking the record title into consideration, it allows the plot of the album to fully align across all fronts. This works well for the band, for it helps to drive the content of the record, lyrically speaking, without having to be overly generic in their approach. With that being said, the two work well together, and that relationship will help to enhance the album as a whole.

*”TRAUMA” was released on March 29th, 2019 through Fearless Records.

2 thoughts on “LP Review; I Prevail: “TRAUMA”

  1. I totally agree that some of the album is great and the other half not so much! I think we may have differing opinions on which tracks we enjoyed though 😅 but on the plus side, the album does fit all different kinds of music genres and therefore people

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