EP Review; Famous Last Words: “Arizona”

The Album:

Famous Last Words had been taking a break since their previous release in 2016, “The Incubus”, so much so that when I heard that they were putting out an EP, I didn’t know they were even still together. Since it had been a minute with little communication to the world, audience members weren’t sure what to expect, so let’s jump into the result. When listening to the 5-song EP, it is apparent that the old, over-the-top, theatrics are not in the root of each Famous Last Words selection, and realizing this was a tad depressing upon my first listen, for it felt like the band put out a basic metal/alternative EP just to put one out. I’m sure there was much more emotion into these selections than that, but what made Famous Last Words unique before their break was how animated their music sounded, and now they’ve lost that shtick. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because evolution in the music scene is very important, but now, the band needs something new to make them unique but still relevant. Overall, I would give the EP a 3 out of 5 stars. The EP on its own provides fairly solid metal tunes, but it doesn’t give listeners selections that they haven’t heard somewhere else, which leads them to such a score.


Top Tracks:

“Runaways” and “Broken Glass”

When listening to the EP, it is apparent that Famous Last Words has modified their sound from their majorly theatric ways to fit into more of a societal mode. When moving through the EP, these two selections stick out the most, for they drive that old-time Famous Last Words tone of voice, which will resonate more with the audience members, so if you are going to check this record out- I would start here.


The Artwork:

 When looking at the cover for the first time, it is no surprise the cover art is what it is when knowing that the title of the EP is “Arizona”. This is because the artwork depicts a sunset on a desert with a leaf-less tree resting in the back-left corner, which would be an imagine commonly seen in Arizona. When connecting this back to the music that falls on the inside, I am finding a hard time connecting the two together. The record talks about running away, being in the forest, and just separating yourself from everything going on, which would connect slightly to the barren land that is found on the front. However, the connection to “Arizona” is lacking for me: no matter which way I look at the artwork and the music that falls on the inside. I wouldn’t say that this cover hinders the full effect of the album, but it doesn’t enhance it either.

*”Arizona” was released on May 17th, 2019 through SBG Records.

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