EP Review; Middle Kids: “New Songs for Old Problems”

The Album:

After releasing their debut LP in 2018, Middle Kids decided that they weren’t done anytime soon, so they decided to give the kids a fresh EP in 2019, and no one is mad about it. This EP is the perfect album to sit and enjoy the sun to, or even to play on repeat as one drives with their windows down on a nice summer’s day. To create this effect, the band plays with intricate lyrical lines with minimal instrumentation, which allows them to create subtle grooves that are easily attachable from the listener’s standpoint. The vocalist’s vocal timbre is interesting and something completely new for the music circuit. This will help to grab the attention of new listeners, for her voice is rather soothing as it remains in a rather fixed range throughout the record. This fixed range allows for outside forces, such as synthesizer or electronics, to elaborate on small motivic movement in the instrumentals, which will help to heighten the work as a whole. Overall, I am giving this EP a 4 out of 5 stars. I am giving this record such a score simply because it is solid from top to bottom. This EP would make me want to dive more into this artist and want more music from them, and what more could you ask for? (other than more music of course!)


Top Tracks:

“Beliefs and Prayers” and “Call Me Snowflake”

When going through the EP, it is evident that every track is very similar to one another; however, each selection still resonates with a unique personality. This is hard to pull off for most artists, and yet Middle Kids did so exceptionally, so when it came time to pick the top two tracks, the decision was a difficult one to make. I landed on these two tracks, for they are the most intriguing, and they sound different than anything major in the game right now. Therefore, if you’re going to check anything out from this work- start here!


The Artwork:

 Upon the first glance of the album artwork, I must say, I really dig the design. The cover art plays with the pastel color palette with a pop art approach, when talking in terms of style. And on that is a bouquet of miscellaneous items that connect back to the title of the work “New Songs for Old Problems”. Other than that connection, the music connects to the art on the outside through the band’s characteristic sound. Middle Kids provides their audience with tunes that shine with an upbeat sound that fall in the alternative, pop, and party music scenes. Think of a relaxed B-52s, kind of (ish) sound. Having that all in mind, I would say that the two work well together because the artwork is enchanting, which will bring audience members in from the jump, and the music reflects the same aesthetic as the artwork, and that creates a full music experience for the consumer.

*”New Songs for Old Problems” was released May 24th, 2019 Domino Recording Co. Ltd.

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