EP Review; PVRIS: “Hallucinations”

The Album:

Since their previous release in 2017, PVRIS had been touring the world and riding out their previous musical moments, so when there was sudden talk of new music to hit the circuit: the world went insane. So, let us dive in, and see if all the hype was well placed. From the jump of this EP, it is evident that PVRIS is morphing their sound, while still retaining moments of their old characteristic sound. The new sound presented seemed both elevated and refined, but also reflective. What does that mean? Well, the overall vibe of the tracks seem to drive on vibes that are reminiscent of the dance, party scene of before; however, underneath that general driving force, we hear that PVRIS staple of the mod-pop, alternative influence. Those techniques combine to create a sound that we haven’t heard from PVRIS or really, from any artist before. The melodies of this EP are quite simple, melodically speaking, but that’s what helps them to be remembered from the first listen. Lyrically, on the other hand, PVRIS is hitting hard. Each track talks in a reflective state about situations or emotions that one may go through, which would make the content both hard-hitting, but also overly relatable, and that will help to drive the success of this EP. Overall, I would give this EP a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I am giving this record such a score, for it is giving the audience something fresh and new to listen to with lyrical content that will make them really think, which is the make of a truly smart and remarkable album. Nice work!


Top Tracks:

“Hallucinations” and “Death of Me”

On this EP, PVRIS provides the audience with an abundance of musical content that will hit them at their core; however, there has to be a few works that edge slightly to the front, and these are those tracks. As mentioned in the general review, as one makes their way through this record, it is evident that PVRIS is driving on a dance vibe that intertwines with their mod-pop, alternative approach to music. These two selections stick out, for they drive on that new approach while still holding the true essence of what is the PVRIS characteristic sound. Furthermore, I would check out the EP as a whole, but start here if you want to get the overall feel immediately.


The Artwork:

When one first glances at the artwork, I would say it would intrigue them based on the abstract nature of the image. The cover depicts the band members sitting in front of a car in the dead of night, and the image in general is blurred. I would consider this to be abstract because it doesn’t foreshadow anything to the listeners, which would make them more likely to dive into the record. When connecting the music to the artwork on the front, I would say that the two work well together. The majority of the lyrical content wavers in the sad, reflective realm, which would put someone in a blurred state. Also, most of the time when someone falls into a pit of those thoughts, its normally at night, when they can just sit and stare off and be consumed in their thoughts- like the band is showing on the cover art. In general, I would say the artwork by itself is strong and mixed with the music on the inside: the two mesh well together. I don’t think its over-the-top by any means, but I think it’s perfect for the emotions the band brings on the album.

*”Hallucinations” was released on October 25th, 2019 through Warner Records Inc.

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