LP Review; Origami Angel: “Somewhere City”

The Album:

After only releasing a few singles and some EPs, listeners were interested to see what Origami Angel would do with a full-length album, so let’s get to it, and see what the result are. Before I go into the specifics of this album, I want to preface this general review with: this record should set up Origami Angel the way that “Feel Something” did for Movements- it’s that remarkable. From the jump, a characteristic sound is heard and embraced throughout every track on the make. Someone could start any selection, and within the first couple seconds people would know that this is an Origami Angel album, and that is imperative for an artist, especially on a debut LP. Having that recognizable factor will help the band just soar with this album, which is going to be so amazing to watch. When listening to the album from front to back, it is apparent that the instrumentalists are just digging into their parts. The textures of the work vary often, which gives the audience members a ride that is contrast drive, and that is such a strong technique, musically speaking because it keeps listeners on their toes. One aspect of this record that may go underappreciated is the fact that every track leads into the track that follows it: even the final track leads the listeners back to the first song on the record. This technique is so effective, and it is incredibly hard to pull off in a non-cheesy way, and Origami Angel knocked it completely out of the park. As one listens to the album, it is heard that there are a jumble of genre influences throughout each track, but this is what gives the band the ability to bend and twist so much texturally and instrumentally. Overall, I would give this album a 5 out of 5 stars because there isn’t music like this coming out anymore, and there needs to be. I could go on and on about how this record is technically strong and brilliant, but you’ll just have to go check it out yourself to see what I mean. Nicely done!


Top Tracks:

“24 Hr Drive-Thru”, “666 Flags”, and “Doctor Whomst”

With an album as remarkable as this one, it is certainly difficult to pinpoint which tracks push the record over-the-top, but hard decisions had to be made, so let’s dive in, and see why these ones made the cut. When listening to the record, each selection resonates with their own voice, while connecting so effortlessly to every other track in the make; however, these tracks stick out for they drive on the characteristic sound that is just thrown to audience. As the band rides their characteristic sound in these works, they also give the audience members over-the-top instrumentals that will leave people speechless and make them want to get hit in the ribcage, so I’d say successful(?). Regardless, every song on this album is phenomenal, and I recommend starting from the top and working your way down, but if you just want a taste- I’d start here.


The Artwork:

When one first glances at the artwork, I would say they would be impartial to it. The image itself isn’t overly striking: it’s simply the picture of an intersection in the city with the name of the album on a store sign, and the name of the band written on a street sign. When turning this thought to the music that you hear on the inside, I would say that the two work well together. The record rides on more of a joking feel than a hard-hitting one. With that being said, the selections drive on the overall umbrella statement of “Somewhere City”, and this artwork represents that to a tee not just because the name of the album just rests on a store sign, but also because this image doesn’t pinpoint you to a specific city- it’s just a city, somewhere. That notion ties the record title, the music on the inside, and the cover artwork full circle. Overall, I would say that the image on its own is okay, but conceptually, in addition to the music on the inside, the two work nicely together.

*”Somewhere City” was released on November 15th, 2019 through Chatterbot Records.

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