EP Review; The Region: “Everything I’ve Got”

The Album:

After releasing a few singles here and there and some other works, The Region decided to close out the decade with a bang by releasing their EP “Everything I’ve Got” just before the close of the year. So, let’s dive in and see what it’s all about. When listening to the record, from the jump, it is noticeable that the band runs on the general principles that act as the glue to pop punk music: heavy hitting instrumental licks, heartfelt and relatable lyrics, and a juxtaposition to musical and lyrical lines. Although that all remains rather standard for the genre the band appears in, this album also includes nuances that drive the EP to be something that will aid the band on their to rise to the top. As one listens to the record, it is heard that the band often toys with instrumentation in terms of layering and texture. This allows for a large amount of contrast when moving into the different sections within each piece, which provides a nice base for when the lyrics are being sung with a bit more edge to them. Additionally, each groove that is established and retained throughout each work feels organic to the song it derives from. This stands out, for that shows that each of the selections on the make could sit easily by themselves and be successful, but they also mesh nicely together to create a record that is cohesive and flows well together. When one listens to this album, there will be an urge to hear it live as soon as possible, for it can be heard that each member of the group is just digging into their individual parts to create the aura that is this record, and that is a magical technique that not many can portray through the recording process. Overall, I would give this EP a 4 out of 5 stars. I am giving this EP such a score because the music that falls on the inside drives with such a strong pop punk aesthetic. Additionally, the small nuances that are found throughout the record, both instrumentally and texturally, will help this EP soar, which will assist this band on getting the take-off they deserve.


Top Tracks:

“Giving up (feat. Cory Castro)” and “The One You Need”

When moving throughout the record, it is evident that each selection connects to the next with the band’s characteristic sound. However, when these tracks come up, there is a shift of elevation that truly brings the heat of the pop punk traditional sound with a slight edge of innovation that makes it unique to the band, and that’s what places these tracks slightly above the rest. I believe that the entire EP is solid from front to back, but if you need somewhere to start: I’d start here.


The Artwork:

When first glancing at the album artwork, I would say that it is quite inviting. The image on the front is something that not many have seen, so the initial interest level will bring in listeners, so let’s look a tad deeper to see if the music on the inside matches the record’s visual partner. When glancing at the cover, one sees a person walking on this baby blue horizon, and the mind of the human visually flairs up to create what appears to be two flowers. Additional to that, there are sections of the cover art that block out small sections of city scape. Connecting this to the music that is heard, throughout the entirety of the work, the majority of the selections touch on subjects that have to do with emotions and reflections based off memories and feelings. This is evident through this artwork, for the color blue is commonly known to symbolize truth and wisdom, and the lyrics throughout the album provide a sense of honesty to one’s self. This is also enforced through the evolution of the thoughts turning to flowers, for the reflections that one may be going through doesn’t have to bring pain; rather, the honesty and truth could bring a beautiful outcome, which encompasses the overall vibe that the band creates throughout the record. In general, I would say that the artwork stands well on its own, but connecting the music that falls on the inside makes it all-the-more successful.

*”Everything I’ve Got” was released on December 27th, 2019 through The Region.

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