LP Review; The Wrecks: “Infinitely Ordinary”

The Album:

After releasing a few singles here and there, fans were ready for a full set of tunes by The Wrecks, so when there was word that the band was making that happen in 2020- the hype was there. Now, let’s dive in and see if the hype was worth it. For their debut album, The Wrecks are coming into the scene swinging with a high energy alternative pop record that glimmers with the right amount of nostalgia for a new artist. Listening to the record, it is notable that the band bounces back and forth between sung vocals and monologues served up spoken-word style. This isn’t the only juxtaposition that the band provides! No: the band also provides heightening moments of over-the-top instrumentals and strategic silence. These moments force the listeners to lean forward and wait for their next musical hit, and when that next musical hit occurs, the listener is hooked more than ever. The coordination of these musical lines- both lyrically and instrumentally, mesh well to create the sound that is the fresh, full introduction given by The Wrecks. Additionally, the band utilizes moments of electronics, which helps to connect them to the modern pop genre of music. This tactic spreads their music to make it span a large spectrum, which will make it more appealing across the masses. Overall, I am giving this record a 4 out of 5 stars. I am giving this album such a score, for the band provides moments that are both musically intelligent and interesting. Their approach to music pays homage to the genre of music in which they are writing while also making their own personal stamp on the scene. This is a strong debut record for the band, and it will be interesting to see where it takes them.


Top Tracks:

 “Out of Style”, “Feels So Nice”, and “Fvck Somebody”

As one makes their way through this record, it is evident that the band toys with a variety of musical genres and nuances to create the experience that is this album. With that being said, a lot of the tracks feel like they could work as a single due to the amount of contrast in overall sound, but there is an overlaying template that connects all the works together. These works stick out amongst the pack because they are the ones that drive on the most ornate parts of the band’s characteristic sound, which will pull listeners in from the jump. This record is very interesting to listen to from front to back, but if you just want a taste: start here!


The Artwork:

When looking at the artwork on its own, it is quite intriguing. The cover has an alien/cyborg-type body floating upside down in the air. The background to this body is a worn-down terrane glossed in a purple/black color scheme.  With that imagery in mind, let’s take a shift to see if the music on the inside relates to the outside image. As one looks through the albums discography, it is notable that the majority of the topics waver around the idea of being let down or turmoil. Additionally, the way that the band scores their instrumentals creates moments when the listeners are just waiting, floating almost, for the next musical hit to occur. These freezable moments in music are encapsulating, and they are often the moments people remember. Both of these notes relate to the striking cover art because the band creates an atmosphere that makes the listener feel as if they are that body just floating in this mystical nowhere. Overall, I would say the music and the art sit well on their own, but when they are mixed together, they really pull the whole event together.

*”Infinitely Ordinary” was released on May 1st, 2020 through Big Noise Music Group, LLC.

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