LP Review; Asking Alexandria: “Like A House On Fire”

The Album:

It has been a minute since Asking Alexandria has taken the new full-length LP stage, well, since 2017 to be exact. So, once there was talk of new tunes- the world went nuts. Let’s dive in to see if all the hype was worth it. To start, it is entirely notable that the band came back swinging with a record that was almost double the size of a normal full-length: 15 tracks to be exact. When listening through the record, it is apparent that the band is continuing the revolutionized sound that they initiated in their 2017 release. A lot of the album centers around simple melodies with instrumentals that support the lyrical line. Instrumental breakdowns do occur on the make, but they are very far and few. The more aggressive instrumental articulations occur when the lyrics urge for a tad more edge, but other than that- it is the new sound pumping through. On top of the supporting instrumentals with and without edge, the band also includes strategic moments of silence. This is partnered with instrumentals with an electronic gloss over them to create a lighter sound. The band wavers through the rock genre primarily; however, there are moments of the alternative genre with the nods to the metal and hardcore genres of music. This allows for a larger spectrum of sound, which will help to provide music that will appeal to more listeners. Overall, I would give this album a 3 out of 5 stars. I am giving this record such a score because the idea of the tracks is solid, and there are some key moments that capture the listeners. However, the majority of the tunes sound generic, and they don’t provide the notion that the band is advancing in their sound.


Top Tracks:

“House on Fire”, “All Due Respect”, and “The Violence”

A lot of the tracks that are found on this record resonate in the same light, but there are a few tunes that stick out amongst the pack, and these are those tracks. When one listens to this record from front to back, these selections stick out, for they are the tracks where the band either brings the heat with their old aggressive flair, or they resonate with their new sound fully realized and innovated. If you want the full experience, you’ll have to take the journey with the full record, but if you just want a taste: I’d start here.


The Artwork:

 When first glancing at the album artwork it is notable that is takes listeners back to the old aesthetic of Asking Alexandria. The cover art tells a demonic story, which is outlined through a black and grey color scheme with dashes of gold and red for accent. Let’s look to the tracks to see how the two work together. When looking at the music that falls on the inside, I would say that the listing of the selections marries well to the theme that the cover art depicts. A lot of the record resonates in a dark light in terms of its lyrical content. Additionally, similar to the cover, the band accents certain points of the record with their old, aggressive attention to instrumental lines when they want to drive something home. This technique is like the gold and red accents found on the cover of the record. In general, I would say that the relationship between the art and the music brings this album together to create a more cohesive idea of what the band was trying to convey through this release.

*”Like A House On Fire” was released on May 15th , 2020 through Sumerian Records.

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