LP Review; Stand Atlantic: “Pink Elephant”

The Album:

After a stellar debut release in 2018, fans were dying for some new tunes by Stand Atlantic. Thus, once the word was out there- the hype started. Let’s look to see if the sophomore album sits on the same shelf as their debut record. From the jump, it is apparent that the baseline sound of the artist was going to be present on the album, and it’s not just present- it will act as the primary foundation of the work. This is a strong nod for the record as an idea, for it will tell listeners that they are in for a similar musical experience. However, from this notion, the band then takes fans to left field, for after the foundation, the band gives listeners variations on their sound with every track on the make. Now, there are over-the-top, edgy alternative moments that make you want to lose your voice singing them, but the band also includes moments of strategic silence, ornate instrumental juxtaposition, sudden shifts of tempo as well as sudden shifts of influence. These major moments of contrast make for a rollercoaster of sound from the minute the album begins. This allows for a spectrum of instrumental and vocal fluctuation, which gives the artist a lot of room to toy with on the record- especially in terms of musical genre influence. With that in mind, it is major to note that everything on the record, cohesively, makes sense in terms of its progression, but the flow of the music feels very generic and sporadic when you really listen to it. On the make, there are musical moments that strike the ear, but a lot of the record feels up and down in regards to style and energy, which makes it almost feel overworked and exhausting. In general, the music found on the album is well-written and prominent in terms of the artists’ sound, but it doesn’t feel new or overly-energized. For that reason, I am giving this record a 3.5 out of 5 stars. There are moments that make my musical ear want to revisit, but overall, the album, as a whole, isn’t overtly memorable.


Top Tracks:

“Like That”, “Wavelength”, and “DWYW”

After listening to the record, it is apparent that Stand Atlantic is retaining their original characteristic sound with some variance here and there. These tracks stick out amongst the pack, for they are the selections that give a nod to their debut album while also pushing their sound forward in such a way that they bop and stick in the minds of the listener. The best way to describe these specific tracks is imagine dancing and singing along to your favorite tunes at a live concert with all your friends: that’s the vibe. It’s best to give this album, in its entirety, a spin, but if you insist on a preview: I’d start here.


The Artwork:

 When one first glances at the album artwork, it can be said that the image is enchanting and inviting. The cover is busting through the scene with a hot pink background with an abstract (almost blurry) and graphic depiction of a mannequin breathing out/seeing in paint with a pink elephant coming out of its head. Now this image sounds like a lot because it is. This graphic of an image feels as if the band is taking their aesthetic up a notch, so let’s dive in to see if the image matches the music that falls on the inside. The initial connection that comes to mind is the use of new musical techniques such as electronics, for those additional sounds match the blurred nature of the image that falls on the cover. However, when one looks more into the album artwork, it is evident that the majority of the tracks talk about being down, silent, hated, and feeling and falling into those related emotions and events. When connecting that to the artwork that falls on the cover it can be said that the person is the mannequin, and these thematic tracks make it feels as if their senses are being overtaken by their emotions. This notion directly relates to the painting dripping down the face of the mannequin as well as the pink elephant springing from its head, for those symbols represent the mannequin’s emotions. In general, the album artwork is strong on its own, but connecting it to the music that falls on the inside elevates the musical journey of the entire record.

*”Pink Elephant” was released on August 7th, 2020 through Hopeless Records.


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