LP Review; The Killers: “Imploding the Mirage”

The Album:

Now, it has been a whole minute since The Killers released their last batch of new music in 2017. So, when the world caught wind of new tunes on the horizon- the hype started accumulating. Let’s dive in to see if all the hype was worth the wait. From the very beginning of this record, it is heard that the band is taking a very 80s approach to their characteristic sound. This is surprisingly common in 2020, but I am here to confirm that it works so well for The Killers. Throughout the make, the band utilizes broad chordal structure, which acts as the foundation for every track. This similar foundation allows all musical moments to feel as if they fit perfectly in the “Imploding the Mirage” experience. On top of that, the band includes varying instrumental techniques to ornament the catchy lyrical lines. This mold is pretty consistent throughout the album, but even though the template doesn’t shift that much- the band still crafts a record that doesn’t feel redundant. This is because they toy with the tempo of every track, and the scoring of the instrumentation and background support shifts to strike the ear of the listener. Although the main vocals remain stagnant throughout the album, the background vocals and support are what push those lyrical moments to the next level- they provide zaps of musical intensity that are just remarkable. Overall, I am giving this record a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I am giving this album such a score because The Killers are putting an innovative spin on their own sound as well as the 80s approach to music. Additionally, there isn’t a bad selection on the make, the progression of tracks is just remarkable, and everyone should really give it a listen.


Top Tracks:

“Imploding the Mirage”, “When the Dreams Run Dry”, and “My Own Soul’s Warning”

When listening to this record from front to back, it can easily be said that all the tracks on the make are phenomenal, and they all work together to create the magnificent experience that is “Imploding the Mirage”. Thus, when trying to select the best of the best, I ran into a few obstacles, but the tough work had to be done. I landed on these three tracks, for they are extremely catchy upon the first listen. They also drive the cross between the 80s flair and The Killers style that is driven throughout this entire album to the max. Providing an overly memorable sensation with the perfect blend of their revisited but innovative style just makes for selections that are top-notch. In general, everyone should check out this record in its entirety, but if you just want a taste- start here!


The Artwork:

When first glancing at the album artwork on its own, I have to give it up for The Killers- it’s quite intriguing. The cover depicts a pastoral scene painted with watercolors. The land in the image looks identical to what one would expect with a nature-inspired moment. The sky, on the other hand, is painted with a mixture of lights and darks in a swirled motion- this mimicking the rising of a storm, but that’s not all. Through those swirls in the sky, an image is formed: a man and a woman, emerging from the darkness and traveling towards the light. This cover will engage people enough to want to give the record a spin, so let’s dive in to see if the music matches the art. Throughout the album, it is heard that the artist provides a lot of chordal juxtaposition in order to spice up the foundation of each track. This is represented through the shifting of the color scheme in the first image. The emerging of the man and woman symbolism as well as the contrast of colors relates to the lyrical content of the record, for the album works through a dichotomy of emotions. This experience of emotions is truly felt as one listens to the record from front to back- listening to every part of each selection. When listening with this care, that true shift is felt. In general, I would say that the two are strong apart, but when the cover art and the music work together- it is truly magical.

*”Imploding the Mirage” was released on August 21st, 2020 through Island Records.

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