LP Review; Paramore: “This is Why”

Now, Paramore knows how to keep the people waiting. We are talking about 6 years and a band hiatus, so with a comeback like the title track, “This is Why,” we knew that Paramore is here to rock. 

There is so much about this album that I adore as a fan and a member of the music industry. Thematically, Paramore is driving home topics we are all thinking about, but we may not want to vocalize it ourselves. They said, “hey, you want the chance to scream out your feelings to a really groovy track- here you go” and they did just that. 

“This is Why,” the title track, introduced us to the new Paramore era. We are getting the standard catchy choruses with the witty hooks that draw us in. The angst, you know it’s there, but the way this record is written is far more advanced, in my opinion, compared to their earlier works. 

The instrumentals throughout this record are not only placed to complement the lyrical line, but they are placed to challenge the meanings while also enforcing their intent. “Little Man, Big Dignity” brings forth the question of masculinity not only through the lyrics but through their orchestration choices. 

From these approaches, I feel that every time you listen to TIW you are getting a different experience. I have arguably listened to this album fifty times by now, and each time, I find something new- whether it be a countermelody, a harmony, or maybe make a connection between tracks on the record. 

I read that Paramore wrote their final selection “Thick Skull” first and based the record off it. Knowing that, going into the album truly helped to round out the narrative that Paramore created through this work. There is something on this album for everyone: it is smart, empowering, and innovative. There is no way I can give this record anything but 5 out of 5 stars.  

*”This is Why” was released on February 10th, 2023 through Atlantic Recording Group LLC.

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