Single(s) Review; Movements: “Killing Time” and “Lead Pipe”

Anyone that has followed me here at WSSAMA? Is well aware of my love for Movements, and let me tell you- these singles are no different. I know that the band had mixed feelings when they released “Cherry Thrill” back in 2022. Me, however, I was on the “all right, throw out the groove Movements, you did that” side of things. Although extremely different from their previous works, “Cherry Thrill” pushed the band further into their Alternative sides, and we are seeing a lot of that realized here. 

With these selections, we are getting the Alternative genre, through and through, but don’t be fooled- the grunge influences? Oh yes, I see you (well, I guess hear you). Between the two, my preference is “Lead Pipe” and that may be due to the fact that I heard it first; however, I feel we truly get the nuanced lyrical moments that Movements are known for in this track. We hear this most in their pre-chorus: “I’m gonna get right. What will it take this time to shut you up? Love like a lead pipe. The cold and callous type. I hate your guts.” Although simple, there is something about these lines that make you want to rage. 

When we dive into the music of the two tracks, it can be said that they are giving us a little “Feel Something.” In a way, “Killing Time” is giving me an Alternative take on “Deep Red.” We are getting a nice bass feature that carries throughout the verses, partnered with strategic silence and alignment to create homorhythmic moments before leading into a staple Movements chorus. 

Truth be told, “No Good Left to Give” was amazing, but “Feel Something” will always hold a special place in my heart. These tracks, in my opinion, split the difference between both styles as they take the grunge and alternative styles of both to create a new but nostalgic sound for the band. I don’t know what is to come, but I am ready for the next chapter. 

*”Killing Time” and “Lead Pipe” were released on April 28th, 2023 through Fearless Records.

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